Fixing Blackmagic Probe Cortex-M0+ detection for an Atmel SAMD21 chip

I’ve been using the 1BitSquared Blackmagic Probe for a couple weeks now (see my earlier post about setting up the device here) and overall it’s been a pretty useful tool. Unfortunately, earlier this week it suddenly quit breaking at main after trying to upload code. I fired up GDB to connect and a monitor swdp_scan … Read more

FFMPEG batch conversion

I’ve been intermittently travelling vlogging for a while now and one of my biggest pain points for making new videos is getting the source video converted to constant frame rate. I’m shooting with a phone instead of a DSLR camera, and unfortunately my old Samsung S4 edge doesn’t have a constant frame rate option. As … Read more

Takana-zuke Sandwich

I was just thinking about this sandwich I had last year back in April, the first time I went to visit my fiance’s parents in Japan. I’d never had this mild, slightly salty, pickled mustard green before. If you’ve never had (or heard of, like me) takana-zuke [高菜漬け], do yourself a favor and try to … Read more

First Trip to Tokyo!

Reiko and I visit her family in Tokyo for the first time. We went during cherry blossom season and it was really incredible. In this episode: We visit an old street in Kawagoe Her parents take us to a vegan onsen (traditional hot spring bath) We visit Reiko’s friend Mina and walk along the Meguro … Read more

Anaconda rollback

I’m testing the new Tensorflow 2.0 framework and went to install the PIL or pillow image library I’ve used before. Unfortunately after installing it with conda I found out my Tensorflow library wouldn’t import. Did a quick google search and found out you can look at your conda install history with conda list –revisions When … Read more