Fixing Blackmagic Probe Cortex-M0+ detection for an Atmel SAMD21 chip

I’ve been using the 1BitSquared Blackmagic Probe for a couple weeks now (see my earlier post about setting up the device here) and overall it’s been a pretty useful tool. Unfortunately, earlier this week it suddenly quit breaking at main after trying to upload code. I fired up GDB to connect and a monitor swdp_scan … Read more

The Color Changing LED Top Hat is Here!

I’m proud to announce my first product launch! The color changing top hat is poised to become the must have fashion accessory for 2016. It’s bright, it’s colorful and and it’s fun! Ready to be a star? You’re gonna go full spectrum supernova with this hat. Check it out at! Enough marketing for a … Read more

First Interface Board Rev0.1

So it’s taken a few months but, I’ve managed to finish the first revision and received PCBs for the first interface board I mentioned in my previous post. Can’t wait to start assembling. As for the design, there were a couple manufacturability issues that came up during the layout. The electrode array connector was the biggest pain point. Trying … Read more