Runic Investigations

Digging into the Elder Futhark on Wikipedia, as one does. I forgot that each rune had a name. The names using the associated letter is an example of acrophony The Elder Futhark can be roughly transliterated into the Roman alphabet and vice versa. For example, my transliterated name in the Elder Futhark is ᚱᚨᛚᛖᛁᚷᚺ.

Burning Optiboot bootloader on an ANET 3D printer clone

Anet Bootloader

I recently tore apart my cheap 3D printer to put on acme leadscrews and figured it was a good time to try upgrading the stock firmware to Marlin. First grab this ANET board definition: Install the board definition per your OS default. You should now see ANET 1.0 (Optiboot) in your Arduino Tools > … Read more

Fixing Blackmagic Probe Cortex-M0+ detection for an Atmel SAMD21 chip

I’ve been using the 1BitSquared Blackmagic Probe for a couple weeks now (see my earlier post about setting up the device here) and overall it’s been a pretty useful tool. Unfortunately, earlier this week it suddenly quit breaking at main after trying to upload code. I fired up GDB to connect and a monitor swdp_scan … Read more