FFMPEG batch conversion

I’ve been intermittently travelling vlogging for a while now and one of my biggest pain points for making new videos is getting the source video converted to constant frame rate. I’m shooting with a phone instead of a DSLR camera, and unfortunately my old Samsung S4 edge doesn’t have a constant frame rate option. As … Read more

Anaconda rollback

I’m testing the new Tensorflow 2.0 framework and went to install the PIL or pillow image library I’ve used before. Unfortunately after installing it with conda I found out my Tensorflow library wouldn’t import. Did a quick google search and found out you can look at your conda install history with conda list –revisions When … Read more

Installing Theano on Windows 8.1

So I tried using Caffe for some natural language processing and found it wasn’t well suited. While it’s great for image processing with convolution networks (CNN), it would take quite a bit of effort to add looping output to make a recurrent (RNN). Recurrent Neural networks are helpful in natural language processing. For instance, if … Read more

Compiling OpenCV on Windows 8.1

I’m setting up the latest OpenCV version from source since the Caffe dependency version installed doesn’t have some tools I want to add to my vision processing pipeline. I started with grabbing the latest version from github git clone https://github.com/opencv/opencv Then I used the CMake GUI. Visual Studios 12 appears to be the latest buildchain … Read more

Setting Up Caffe on Windows 8.1

It took a fair bit of fussing with CMake, but I’ve successfully compiled Caffe from the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center. There does appear to still be an issue with a psudorandom generator in one of the linked libraries that will probably impair training new nets, but I can currently run existing models and compare … Read more

Google Voice

Crosspost from an ancient blogger account. Original post here: https://raleighc.blogspot.com/2009/07/google-voice.html Another post about a widget. sigh. It’s pretty exciting though. After months of waiting, I finally got a Google Voice number. If you’re not familiar, Google Voice allows you to ring several phones from one number, setup ring rule for which phone gets which call, … Read more