Hello and welcome! I’m Raleigh, an embedded engineer with a passion for travel and veganism.

My main focus right now is a startup that is developing an affordable, easy-to-use, electron microscope for high schools and small businesses, Ephemeraltronics.

The primary reason I personally want an electron microscope is to create integrated circuits at home using electron beam lithography.

I’m actively seeking confounders and if you have skills that might assist getting this product to market in any way, please get in touch!

I specialize in working with startups and small companies, helping them quickly prototype hardware and validate concepts.

I’m experienced with NXP/Freescale, Microchip, and Atmel microcontrollers, writing firmware in C, digital and analog electronics, and Altera FPGAs. I’ve also used Python, and Go for various backend and host applications.

Please check out my portfolio if you’re a startup or small business designing any type of hardware MVP and get in touch if you want to accelerate your prototyping process.

I’m currently based in Japan. Check out season three of my travel vlog, Ral Around The World!

Or catch me around the web

Feel free to drop me a line at raleigh at raleighillgen dot com