Hello and welcome! I’m Raleigh, embedded engineer extraordinaire, world traveler, and mostly vegan.

Please check out my portfolio if you’re a startup or small business designing any type of hardware or software MVP.

I specialize in working with small to mid sized companies to help you quickly prototype hardware and validate your concept.

I’m experienced with NXP/Freescale, Microchip and Atmel microcontrollers, writing firmware in C, digital and analog electronics, and Altera FPGA’s. My web software stack is Node.js and Clojurescript. I’ve also used Python, and Go for various backend and host applications.

I’m currently based in Tokyo. Check out season three of my travel vlog, Ral Around The World!

Or catch me around the web
Twitter: RaleighC
Youtube: Raleigh C
Reddit: RaleighSea
Instagram: RaleighSea

Feel free to drop me a line at illgenr at gmail