Meta LLaMA 7b on Win 11 RTX3070

I’ve been playing with Stable Diffusion locally for a while and meant to make a post about getting torch-directml setup to work on WSL with CUDA, but haven’t got around to it. This is basically the same process with even easier instructions to follow. Here’s a Reddit post documenting the process: [D] Tutorial: Run LLaMA … Read more

Runic Investigations

Digging into the Elder Futhark on Wikipedia, as one does. I forgot that each rune had a name. The names using the associated letter is an example of acrophony The Elder Futhark can be roughly transliterated into the Roman alphabet and vice versa. For example, my transliterated name in the Elder Futhark is ᚱᚨᛚᛖᛁᚷᚺ.

Takana-zuke Sandwich

I was just thinking about this sandwich I had last year back in April, the first time I went to visit my fiance’s parents in Japan. I’d never had this mild, slightly salty, pickled mustard green before. If you’ve never had (or heard of, like me) takana-zuke [高菜漬け], do yourself a favor and try to … Read more

Book Review — How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The classic HTWF&IP by Dale Carnegie was an interesting read. A lot of the suggestions are pretty timeless and obvious advice along the lines of, actually be interested in what the person you’re talking to is saying, offer compliments when appropriate, make sure to be sincere when doing so, do your best to be pleasant … Read more

Book Review – Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher

This was a really enjoyable read. I was a little put off with the format at first, which is basically the author recounting various interviews he’s done for his podcast and a smattering of profiles on people he admires or has studied. After reading a few though, his analysis and commentary on the interviews became … Read more

Silly ole Red Party

Crossposting a few pieces from my ancient blogger account. Original post here: Would you believe it!? I can’t look at blogspot pages but I can totally post. whateves. I’ve had a great last few days here. Completely amazing. I’m learning something new every few minutes which my brain loves. The feeling of being immersed … Read more

Why State Schools Are Awesome

Copying a few posts from my old blogger account. Original post here: A few free minutes popped out of my schedule to blog. Today I went to UWM to talk to an advisor about what credits might transfer if I get into the physics program which apparently is a given for transfers with a … Read more