Why State Schools Are Awesome

Copying a few posts from my old blogger account.

Original post here: https://raleighc.blogspot.com/2008/05/why-state-schools-are-awesome.html

A few free minutes popped out of my schedule to blog.

Today I went to UWM to talk to an advisor about what credits might transfer if I get into the physics program which apparently is a given for transfers with a degree which is awesome. Here I was still worrying about whether I would get accepted or not. He also gave me some good advice about what I should be applying for because there’s a difference between a second degree and second major. I guess if I was going for the second degree I would have to take a whole mess of HU and SS credits plus 2 semesters of language, but he said when I apply if I declare second degree and then switch I can get financial aid so I get to milk the system. Anyway, the best part is I already have about half the major done and can probably finish in a year! go me. woot.

As a finals week update, I have one final down which I think I pretty much rocked. Four finals, two papers and a homework/lab assignment now stand between me and graduation. The end is in sight.

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