What better time than now?

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I thought to myself now would be a good time to get a blog rolling. Better late than never right? The main impetus to start one is my impending trip. It almost demands a log of my experiences since I’ll be intentionally inducing severe culture shock. Should be fun.
For those who haven’t heard I’ll be spending about 2 1/2 weeks in China. My itinerary is Beijing, Xi An, and Shanghai. I’ll probably post more about it before I go. If not my apologies; its going to be a hectic week. 5 Finals, the Senior Design Show and Graduation! Maybe I’ll find the time to quick jot off some posts about those too.

A little about me blurb:
I’m a college senior attending MSOE and currently plan on graduating this spring. 6 days from now incidentally. I will be receiving a degree in Computer Engineering and have throughly earned it. I’m well versed in both electronical and softwarish concepts. I like to mutilate English for my own devious purposes. Computers and their practical applications are my two most time consuming hobbies.

Interests include: Reading, guitar, skateboarding, games of the video, board, and card varieties, hackysack, frisbee, Mandarin Chinese, physics (Standard Model & others(string/M-theory)), putting things in parentheticals, improving human-machine interactions, nanotech, safely navigating the singularity, writing, and food, but probably not in that order. I’ll spare you the whole list. I have a fairly extensive list of interests. Though I will mention two that I don’t usually bring up in conversation but plan on occasionally blogging about: extrasensory perception and calender change.

Comments are encouraged! Interaction and communication are what its all about.


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