First Trip to Tokyo!

Reiko and I visit her family in Tokyo for the first time. We went during cherry blossom season and it was really incredible. In this episode: We visit an old street in Kawagoe Her parents take us to a vegan onsen (traditional hot spring bath) We visit Reiko’s friend Mina and walk along the Meguro … Read more

2018 Travel Vlog Supercut

Been a while since I posted a vlog update. Here’s the footage I shot in 2018 that I didn’t get around to uploading since my last post. Reiko and I went to the Taipei National Palace, the Huaxi night market, a Godzilla exhibition, went to America and ate a deep fried pickle, took a visa … Read more

New Photos (2014-2016) DUB, SXF, ORY and SFO

So I finally got around to finishing my cloud hosted photo gallery. I tried virtually every service, (flikr, google photos, imgur) to see what I liked best and none of them were what I wanted. Still don’t have everything posted and I want to build in some gallery organization but it’s a start. It’s really … Read more

I started a travel vlog!

So I’m currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand and loving it so far! I decided to start a travel vlog to share a little bit of the experience. I’m currently in Chiang Mai at least through March, but I considering going down to Ko Samui or Ko Phangen in April after I renew my visa for … Read more

The Beginning of the End: Part 1

X-posted from an ancient blogger account. Original post here: Well this will likely be my last post from China. Its been an amazing couple of weeks. The best way to develop cultural appreciation is definitely to spend some time embedded outside of your own. The last few days have really just been shopping and … Read more