First Trip to Tokyo!

Reiko and I visit her family in Tokyo for the first time. We went during cherry blossom season and it was really incredible. In this episode: We visit an old street in Kawagoe Her parents take us to a vegan onsen (traditional hot spring bath) We visit Reiko’s friend Mina and walk along the Meguro … Read more

The Beginning of the End: Part 1

X-posted from an ancient blogger account. Original post here: Well this will likely be my last post from China. Its been an amazing couple of weeks. The best way to develop cultural appreciation is definitely to spend some time embedded outside of your own. The last few days have really just been shopping and … Read more

Shanghai Noon

X-post from an ancient blogger account. Original post here: Well Shanghai has been the toughest city to get the hang of so far. It seems that fewer people speak English here than the first two cities. Yesterday, I flew in from Xi’An at around 5:30 which really wasn’t so good. For one thing I … Read more

Adventures in Xi’An

Cross post from an ancient blogger acount. Original post here: Getting to the hotel here in Xi’An turned out pretty easy with a touch of good fortune. I probably should have just taken a taxi, but I was feeling pretty adventerous after using the subway in Beijing so I decided to take the bus. … Read more

ugh. airports…

Crosspost from an ancient blogger account Original post here: So here I am in the international Beijing Airport 4 hours early only to find out your flight must be leaving in less than 2 hours for you to even get to the gate! Luckily I found this outrageously priced internet bar. At least the … Read more

So much to see, so little time…

Crossposting from an ancient blogger account Original post here: Wow. Long time, no post. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy exploring as you can imagine. Plus, I didn’t feel like I had much to post about saturday or sunday. Saturday and Sunday were just a ton of walking. Saturday my goal was to get … Read more

What better time than now?

For posterity I’m importing some of my old posts from Original post here: I thought to myself now would be a good time to get a blog rolling. Better late than never right? The main impetus to start one is my impending trip. It almost demands a log of my experiences since I’ll … Read more