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Today we’ll try making it a music blog.
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I went to Club Gibraldi this Friday evening to see The Fatty Acids. My original intent was to try and find The Vault to see The Box Elders which I heard about on a tip from Kyle with The Midwest Beat. I thought The Vault was supposed to be on Center and I found an address on the internet to that effect but google maps didn’t know exactly where it was located. The address turned out to be house so I decided to make with the backup plan and check out the Fatty Acids show.

The opener was a band called Faux Fur that didn’t impress. A mediocre Radiohead, In Rainbows sound with decent drumming, but some uninspired vocals and predicable song structure.
This was my second time seeing The Fatty Acids (opened for Rural Alberta Advantage at Mad Planet) and they didn’t disappoint. It’s a four-piece guitar, bass, drum and keyboard affair with the keyboardist doing lead vocals. The guitarist and bassist contribute some dead on harmonies that really fill out a lot of the songs in a very sixtiesesque style. Almost every composition is sonically complex with some interesting song structures. What really makes most of the songs though is an impeccable sense of melody, both instrumentally and particularly the lead vocals. The overall effect definitely can command my attention.
The surprise of the evening was the closer though. Dinosaur Feathers is a three piece acoustic guitar, bass and keyboard combo with the lead singer mostly playing rhythm. Hailing from Brooklyn, they were on week four of five on tour. They definitely didn’t come off as road weary though. With only one or two attempts to impress me since I was considering leaving, by the middle of the first song I knew I had to stick around. Initially, lush harmonies combined with some talented instrument work caught my ear. However, listening to a few more songs, the writing and overall composition began to reveal itself as inspired. This is a band with a clear sound and thematic goal in mind and they let us in on exactly what they intended during their live performance. The energy of the show was buzzing in the crowd and when it hit the band we were treated to what felt like some spontaneous moments pure rock ‘n roll.

Once again, check out the website. I also bought the album if you’re interested in hearing more.

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