2018 Travel Vlog Supercut

Been a while since I posted a vlog update. Here’s the footage I shot in 2018 that I didn’t get around to uploading since my last post. Reiko and I went to the Taipei National Palace, the Huaxi night market, a Godzilla exhibition, went to America and ate a deep fried pickle, took a visa … Read more

New Photos (2014-2016) DUB, SXF, ORY and SFO

So I finally got around to finishing my cloud hosted photo gallery. I tried virtually every service, (flikr, google photos, imgur) to see what I liked best and none of them were what I wanted. Still don’t have everything posted and I want to build in some gallery organization but it’s a start. It’s really … Read more

Installing Theano on Windows 8.1

So I tried using Caffe for some natural language processing and found it wasn’t well suited. While it’s great for image processing with convolution networks (CNN), it would take quite a bit of effort to add looping output to make a recurrent (RNN). Recurrent Neural networks are helpful in natural language processing. For instance, if … Read more

The State of Bitcoin in 2017

So I recently was corresponding with a friend about Bitcoin. Since I haven’t mentioned anything about my interest in cryptocurrency, here’s the summary I sent them, reposted with permission ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Totally in agreement that it’s a radical departure from previous asset transfer mechanisms.  Bitcoin is the first generation of tech that enables uncensorable payments in … Read more